Processes of Exploration

Automatic Writing - It's been reported that Freud and Jung used the automatic writing (and drawing) process to help clients connect with the collective unconscious. Automatic writing is the process nearly everyone gets immediately and only requires the client to let go and let spirit come through their hand and pen onto their notebook.

Past Life Regression Therapy - Do you have a relationship issue or a phobia or other major problem you can't seem to resolve? You may be surprised to find it's an issue that has transcended lifetimes, and perhaps it's one you can let go of if you only understood its origins... 

Evidence-based Mediumship - Losing a loved one or a close friend is one of the hardest parts of life until you realize they're still right there, waiting for you to initiate communication with them, and even ask them for evidence that they're okay on the other side. Further, this process will be utilized to communicate with spirits who wish to convey information and be interviewed at various archeological sites. 

Telepathy - Feel as if you're not heard? We're going to explore how you can connect and communicate your heartfelt sentiments to another living being utilizing your mind to connect to theirs.

Remote Viewing - A simple process almost anyone can do with some practice. You'll be utilizing your mind to describe targets you could never have known except outside of space and time. This is team-oriented work as one person viewing a particular subject can provide results, but several different people viewing a subject at the same time provides the benefit of comparative results and helps build confidence for those who are new at this process.

Psychic Archaeology (aka "Intuitive Archaeology") - This is not a new phenomenon. Psychic Archaeology has been around for at least a century, andalthough it's seemingly unknown here, it is the perfect process for Ireland. The US Navy spend millions of dollars developing a psychic archaeology program specifically using remote viewers to locate key sites and objects of centuries past. You, too, can remote view a specific time and place and pinpoint new discoveries while even gaining insights that bring to life the lives of people at that point in history. You can do this from home or anywhere in the world, or if you're more comfortable with automatic writing, that works as well. Additionally, a historical past life regression will add a personal context to the process, as well as practicing mediumship to interview spirits. 

Color Therapy - It's said Ancient Egyptians used light and color for healing afflictions throughout the body and still today, many practitioners utilize the visualization of color and light to stimulate healing. Every color vibrates to its own frequency and different colors evoke different responses. One of the most powerful processes you can do daily is to breathe deeply and visualize light and specific colors to cleanse, balance and energize your chakra centers and then relax, send love to those who surround you, receive peace, and focus your intentions and expectations for the day. 


Richard used to say, "the only problem bearing only one solution is a stop sign. Or a traffic light." Every other problem can be looked at another way, by opening to new perspectives and different ways of resolving issues, and you only have to look within for direction, and then look around at other people, other places, and other countries to find innovative solutions.

Metaphysical Ireland assists clients to expand problem-solving abilities, opening minds to new ideas and processes - and don't worry! Not everyone is good at every method of exploration. That's okay! It's normal! Bring your enthusiasm to experiment and you'll learn methods you can use for the rest of your life in the midst of a supportive group of like-minded new friends. Choose your favorite means of exploration and develop your skills, and then leave the rest for another time. You'll be learning problem-solving techniques and practicing mind-expanding processes you'll continue to explore on your own, or with friends, around Ireland, or around the world.

What does Psychic Archaeology have to do with a Hypnotherapy program? Everything. When facing difficult times that might leave you sad, anxious, and fearful, instead of wallowing continually in your own problems that may at times seem insurmountable and keep you running around the proverbial hamster wheel, it's important to expand your mind, and look for different ways to solve problems in general. This is an opportunity to use what's inside of you to solve a problem outside of your own issues, and learn a set of new skills you can develop to refocus your attention and find a new passion that might just be the key to getting you 'unstuck' in your own life. At the very least, it's an exercise, that with practice, will have you looking for what you get right, instead of what you get wrong, while you are seemingly focusing on something else. It's a good habit to get into!