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Metaphysical Ireland was founded by Meg Hansen in memory of Dick Sutphen, her close friend and mentor of 25 years, who passed away September 1, 2020. Conducting complex hypnosis research and practicing since 1998, many will remember Meg from the Sedona Psychic Seminar series as well as the Hypnosis and Advanced Hypnosis classes.

It was always an intention to create intuitive development workshops focused on Newgrange, a monument older than the pyramids at Giza and Stonehenge, not far from Dublin, with more intense creative energy than Sedona.

The answer to your most challenging life issue at this moment may be exactly where you'd never think to look. This is the journey of a lifetime you won't want to miss! 

1. Do you work with children?

No. You must be 18 years of age (age of consent in Ireland) for group or individual hypnotherapy, intuitive development, or metaphysical counselling. We do not offer any services for minors. While it is understood that hypnotherapy has produced breakthroughs for kids with a variety of conditions, and even miraculously it's been told there was a case in the US of a child who had a heart transplant and was able to tell what happened to the child whom the heart came from seemingly recalling stored memories in the heart, Metaphysical Ireland simply does not have any program or services appropriate for children at this time. 

2. How long do you hold information about a client?

As long as is necessary but no less than 5 years from the date of the last session as is required by insurance. All sessions are recorded (audio) or if online, audio and video. 

3. Are Metaphysical Ireland workshops open to everyone? Even people who live outside of Ireland?

Yes, Irish and EU residents are very welcome, as are tourists from the United States and around the world. You must speak and understand English as we don't currently have translators available.

4. How much paperwork is involved to sign up?

A quick intake form and you'll need to sign a disclosure/waiver. Both forms will be provided to you before your first session and if you do not wish to provide the information or sign the form, we simply won't go ahead with your appointment. No worries, no stress.

5. Is there a minimum number of sessions for individuals?

No. Come and go as you please. Same with groups and same with workshops. 

6. If I attend a group event, what if my religious beliefs don't agree with every process? 

There is no requirement for anyone to participate in every process in a weekend group session, so, if, for instance, you feel strongly that past life therapy is too far down a different path than the Catholic Church would suggest, you are welcome to leave the room or simply not participate in that process and that's fine. Just please be aware that the workshop processes build upon one another, and dropping out of the processes may mean you are less likely to get results with the remote viewing for Psychic Archaeology at the end. 

The Metaphysical Ireland programs may contain ideas and processes that are different than the Catholic Church's teachings. "Different" is not to be construed as "against." You can keep an open mind and try new processes and still attend church on Sunday (Don't worry! Your priest has heard crazier ideas!). Metaphysical Ireland programs will not run early on Sunday morning in Ireland to give everyone the opportunity to attend mass if desired. 

7. Do I have to be in a deep trance?

No. For most people, a light trance that feels like a daydream is perfect. Some people will naturally achieve a deeper state, but it's not necessary for these processes. Right now, imagine you just won the lottery and you're planning your vacation. Where are you going? What hotel? Does your room overlook the ocean in Maui? Four Seasons? You brought your friends? What are you wearing? Dream it specifically and make it as exciting as possible! You just did it. That was hypnosis. 

8. Do you have to touch someone to do hypnosis?

No. There is no touching involved or necessary and it is the policy of Metaphysical Ireland not to touch anyone during a hypnosis session. 

9. I am slightly disabled and I can't run or hike. Can I still safely attend?

Yes, you are very welcome. All Metaphysical Ireland programs are contained in a private meeting space only. It's not part of the program to visit the monuments or hike or camp or even go walking. Everyone is free to explore on their own time and come back to the workshop and share experiences! However, if you can't or don't want to climb up the hill to Newgrange, go hiking at Loughcrew, or walk around at the Hill of Tara, you don't have to. All of the workshop is facilitated in the meeting space only. Anything else is not part of the workshop but the ancient sites are certainly worth exploring for anyone who has the inkling to go!

10. Other practitioners suggest and encourage the use of psychotropics during therapy. Why do you have a no drug policy?

It's up to you if you want to do your magic mushrooms on your own time! However, it has not been our experience that the use of such drugs is helpful to anyone in programs like the ones offered by Metaphysical Ireland and drug use will interfere with your ingenuity and accuracy, amongst other issues.  The use of drugs or alcohol will absolutely not be permitted or tolerated during any Metaphysical Ireland workshop or event. This includes opioid prescriptions and antipsychotic medicines. Further, you may not attend if you are under psychiatric care. On a case-by-case basis, an exception may be made with a written authorization from your doctor.

11. Do you offer medical hypnosis?

On a case-by-case basis, and only with your doctor or psychologist's written approval. Important note: before you consult a hypnosis practitioner, make it easier on yourself - get comfortable with hypnosis in your own home. The easiest way to do this is to lie down at home in a place you don't usually sleep with your iPhone and headphones and listen to the guided meditations, and you can also buy a subscription to Hay House. Search for meditations and lectures by Louise Hay, Dick Sutphen, Wayne Dyer and so many others. As you focus your mind on wellness instead of sickness and start to let go, you could see some positive change or relief before you even have your consultation. Just make sure you alert your doctor to anything you are doing to help yourself.

12. Will the Psychic Archaeology program be focused only upon major sites that are already excavated?

No, it's good for everyone to visit the major sites and take the tours available if they are inclined to do so, but the Irish government doesn't need help finding Newgrange or the Hill of Tara, and while it's possible, and even probable, there is more to see around County Meath that is yet to be uncovered, it seems the Irish government is very territorial even if you only point something out and don't touch it, which is not a good attitude to take because it lends itself to nobody providing you with any information, but that's their way. So, while there will be some focus in the County Meath area, specifically to learn more about Newgrange, Knowth, the Hill of Tara, and other sites, the main focus of the remote viewing program will be targets in more remote areas like Ceide Fields and Connemara where there is clearly more to know, and also professional local archaeologists who give tours in the area so tourists won't be left trying to find property owners to get permission from so they can try to see what they can't see anyway (anything at this point that hasn't been found is likely under ground or under water). It makes more sense to collect commonalities in remote viewing sessions and simply give all the information to the archaeologists at the sites, government or non-government.  Then, if so inclined, you can take the tour of the area with the local archaeologist, and wait and see. Driving private property owners crazy is not part of this program, nor is hiking or digging or otherwise doing the government's job for them! 

13. Are you hiring?

We will be in the next year for online sessions and offline groups throughout Ireland. As a prerequisite, Metaphysical Ireland practitioners/guides must certified in hypnosis and trained to guide clients comfortably through each process. The NGH program in Ireland is preferrable for the hypnosis certification.