It feels like SUMMER! Welcome to a spectacular season of green grass growing beautifully and your movement forward rapidly toward your ideal life. Change your story or write your new chapter now. What are you creating and planting and growing? Where are you 3 months from now? A year from now?

Next Intuitive Development Workshop will be a two weekend workshop online via Zoom. Register your interest: meg@metaphysicalireland.com £240 for the series (6 sessions, 18 hours of training). Beginners welcome. Email now to apply to attend. Worldwide. Online via Zoom. Inquire to Meg@MetaphysicalIreland.com 

* Expand Your Awareness and Perception

*Develop your ability to read other people and communicate messages without speaking

*Experience Past Life Regressions and Future Progression

*Learn to do a past life regression for yourself - why do I feel as if I know this person I've never met before?

*Explore with spirit communication, automatic writing, your spirit guide, higher self, remote viewing and more....

*Most Common Question: If I see something in a future progression that I'd prefer not to happen, can I change the future?  Attend this workshop to find out...

The intuitive development program introduces you to meditation for healing, spirit guides, automatic writing, contacting deceased relatives/friends for healing, past life regression to cause and for experience/information, future progression, life planning session/life purpose, transforming anger into a passion for good, safely contacting spirits at Knowth or FourKnocks or Giant's Causeway or other prehistoric sacred places, contacting Spirits in your own backyard, telepathy/reading others, a guided meditation for manifestation, and remote viewing blind targets (missing people) and psychic archaeology targets in Ireland and Northern Ireland. You must be approved to attend, return the participation forms, and pay the Paypal invoice in advance of the start of the program. Small group sessions. Beginners okay, but must be passionate about learning. Introduce yourself and register your interest: meg@metaphysicalireland.com

In-person confidential individual past life regressions and hypnosis sessions at Body & Mind in Garvagh (across from the medical centre). Please email meg@metaphysicalireland.com to schedule a session. `Availability for in-person and online/Zoom sessions is 11:30am - 7:30pm UK/Ireland. Phone consultation required prior to session (included in price). Limited availability. Priority booking for patients with cancer, lupus and other auto-immune disorders, and clients struggling with grief.. Inquire to Meg@MetaphysicalIreland.com. You can gift a session for a friend or family member if that person is open to hypnosis and their doctor is fine with it.

Confidential individual sessions also available on Zoom. 

Please register your interest for:

Saturday Night Sessions! Guided meditation/past life regression & automatic writing group. We'll explore a new psychic archaeology target each week  and Meg will facilitate an automatic writing or past life regression process and then we will discuss your experiences. 2 hour session. 7-9pm UK/Ireland time, starting soon..  £30 per week online on Zoom. Come and go as you please. Must be approved to attend. Email meg@metaphysicalireland.com

For all services, payment is due in advance of the session via PayPal or cash. 

Many thanks to everyone who attended the talks at Mind Body Experience in Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Drogheda in 2023. It was amazing to meet everyone and hear of your experiences. I hope you will all take the time to enjoy the series of audios that I've released on the major music services for exploration and relaxation, and I'd love to hear what you received and how you are progressing...

The audio is available on EVERY major music service, and here are a few links:

Apple Music

Amazon Music

YouTube Music


Please contact me anytime via email to Meg@MetaphysicalIreland.com for hypnotherapy sessions or Metaphysical Counselling.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, stress, grief, or a control issue, or you want to release negative thoughts, identify and replace negative patterns, and focus on what's possible and what's exciting while taking action in line with your personal mission, or you want to experience a past life regression or a regression to your pre-birth planning session to explore what lessons you are here to learn and the contracts you made with other souls to return together, or you simply need someone to talk with for a different perspective... What are you looking to create and achieve? Let your mind explore possibilities and ideals. Create an amazing life by allowing your heart to show you what you're most drawn to and allow the sun within you to shine your powerful rays from your heart of gold with the intense emotion of love toward a purpose that will have a positive impact for you and those whom surround you. Let go and create. 

Metaphysical counselling sessions are available 5-10 session packages to assist you to move forward on your path. In-person or Zoom. 

Comfidential phone sessions by request. 

Please inquire via email to hello@metaphysicalireland.com or to Meg +353 87 316 5142.

Note: You will need to sign a release/waiver and fill out a short intake form. You cannot be pregnant, be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or be under psychiatric care/taking related medications and attend these programs. These exclusions are for your safety.

All programs are open to all Irish and EU residents and tourists from the United States and around the world. All nationalities are very welcome provided you speak and understand English (no translators will be available).